71 Dodge Hemi – Show Winner

I took the beast out to the Bill Luke Mopar show in Phoenix a couple weekends back and she won!

71 Dodge Show Winner

Classic Mopar styling with 426 Hemi Beast Dressed in Blue! Devil in the Blue Dress!


71 Dodge 426 Hemi For Sale

I’ve had this car for a number of years and love her dearly, but it is time for somebody else to have some fun with her. I have a ’70 as well and need some room for a new project. I really hope I can find a good home for her.

The car was just as pretty when I first gotit, but had a number of mechanical issues. I’ve put a lot of time and sweat into fixing her up and she runs like a dream, that is if you have dreams of fire-breathing 426 hemi dragons tearing the pavement off of everything that it touches. This is not a car for the faint of heart and probably not a good car for a kid, the dragon will eat them alive! However, if you know how to deal with the raw power of a 70′s 426 hemi that can eat up most cars on the road, you will love this car like I do.

71 Dodge 426 Hemi

This beast is as BAD as she looks!

Check out all the details or post a comment for more information.